Birdsong Hall

Rooms 218, 219, and 220

Birdsong has three rooms that can be used individually or combined. These synchronous classrooms are each equipped with a front-facing web camera for remote participants. However, they also have unique features and operating directions as noted below.

Using the Podium PC

Using a Laptop

Combining Rooms

Using Screen Sharing

Mersive Solstice pods are primarily designed for projection by Apple computers and ipads via native Airplay on the R-MC wifi network, but Windows laptops and Android smartphones/tablets may also connect to the projectors by downloading and installing the *Solstice app

Please note that currently, Airplay is not an option for screen sharing due to the proximity of the pods. Macbooks will need to use the Solstice app or enter the network IP address (not name) of the projector(s) in order to connect. In addition, iPad can only project if using the Solstice app AND connected via a wired connection using an ethernet to lightening adapter.

*Contact ITS for temp admin privileges to install this app on college-issued computers.

Audio Tip