Common Solutions and Tips

Duplicate or Extend your Screen

Windows makes it easy to change your second screen or projector display mode.  All you have to do is remember P (for projector). 

To switch between display modes simply press Windows + P.

If you can’t see anything on the projector make sure the display mode is set to Duplicate Desktop on the Projector. The new setting will take effect straight away.

AV Equipment and Microphones

Projector Tips


PowerPoint Presenter Mode

PowerPoint duplicate screen does not always automatically switch to extend mode (like it should), meaning presenter view does not start. If you have set up your PowerPoint to use presenter mode and it does not go into extended mode (one screen showing the full screen presentation and the other screen the presenter's version) when you start the presentation, do the following:

Note that if you exit the slide show for any reason and then return to it, you will need to repeat steps 1-3 again in order to have the notes visible to you.

Another workaround is to unselect presenter mode and then reselect using the following steps: