Refreshed Classrooms

The majority of classrooms in Copley/Smithy and all classrooms in Fox and Haley have HD Boxes and new projectors that have been simplified to auto-detect the source being used (desktop computer, laptop, etc.) 

Remotes have been removed as projectors are "automatic turn on" and removing the remotes from the rooms prevents other issues from occurring where settings are changed and then not changed back for next use.

For these refreshed configurations, the following projector usage tips apply:

Please do not change cable connections.

Turning on the projector

Press the Enter key on the podium keyboard and sign in using your R-MC username and password, or sign into your laptop and then connect it to the HDMI cable.  The projector will turn on in 20-30 seconds and should automatically display the connected computer's screen contents using the default HDMI 1 input.

Turning off the projector

Sign out of the podium PC (Please Do NOT shut down), The projector will stop displaying. (The projector does not need to be shut off)

Hide computer content from projector

Windows: Hold the Windows key and press the letter ‘P’.  Select either “PC Only” or “Second Screen Only”.

Laptop: Disconnect the laptop cable.

Return computer content to projector

Windows: Hold the Windows key and press the letter ‘P’.  Select “Duplicate”.

Laptop: Reconnect the laptop cable.

If a projector is not responding and you have already tried switching from Duplicate to Extend and back to Duplicate, contact ITS at 804-752-8500 as we can quickly fix most issues remotely in Fox and Haley while on the phone with you (Copley does not have the same ethernet infrastructure to support remote manipulation of the projector).