Nursing Classroom, Health Assessment Lab & Skills Lab

These spaces are primarily designed for projection by Apple computers and ipads via the Mersive Solstice app on the R-MC wifi network, but Windows laptops and Android smartphones/tablets may also connect to the projectors using the app which can be downloaded via the link provided or by going to the website shown on the displays and clicking/tapping on the button to install the app.

The Solstice app is required to connect regardless of device platform as it provides a consistent experience unlike AirPlay.

Basic Operating Instructions

NOTE:  In the Nursing Skills Lab, the light switch mounted in the whiteboard near the white control panel must be turned on (i.e. in the up position) to move the projector screen.

Connect to a Solstice Display using Mersive Solstice App.pdf

Troubleshooting Steps

Mersive Solstice


Mersive Solstice Pod Troubleshooting Guide.pdf

Remote Shutter Recovery

When the projector is on and displaying content, the "Shutter" button on the remote can be used to turn off the projected image without turning off the projector.  Pressing the "Shutter" button again will show the projected image without having to wait for the projector to power on.  The button works much like a closing and opening a physical shutter in front of the projector lamp.  This technique has often been used in rooms where the projector screen is in front of a writing surface or the projector uses the whiteboard rather than a projector screen.  Please note that it is easy to forget that the projector has been shuttered and to leave it in that mode rather than turning it off at the end of a class or at the end of a day.


There are at least two other ways to avoid showing content from the instructor's computer on the projector if the need is not specifically to show "nothing" on the projector.  One is to set the instructor's computer to use "extended desktop" mode, or in other words, not to use "mirror" mode.  On a MacBook, this can be done by opening System Preferences->Displays and unchecking the option to mirror output.  When the computer is using extended mode, individual applications and windows can be moved to the projector as if it were a second monitor, allowing the instructor to view and/or work in another application on the laptop without the student's seeing it.


The third option is unique to Payne Hall and the Solstice pods.  Using the Solstice Client app on the instructor's device , the instructor can share one or more application windows on the projector rather than the instructor's entire desktop.  When the instructor has entered the on-screen code for the projector into the Solstice Client app on their laptop, they can then choose to share their Desktop or an App Window, much like clicking on the Share button in Zoom offers a choice of sharing individual application windows or the entire desktop.  Using this approach, windows can be arranged in any convenient way on the instructor's computer and the projector will only show the window that was selected to be shared.

Nursing Student iPad Setup

*If you run into issues connecting to R-MC, connect to the R-MC Connect wifi and wait to be logged in then choose Next to proceed with step 3. Please make sure that you forget the R-MC Connect wifi network once your iPad is done being set up or you will not be able to access the Apple Classroom and Airplay resources that you need. This can be accomplished by going to Settings > Wi-Fi > select the blue information system icon by "R-MC Connect" and choose Forget network if available.

**If the Mersive Solstice app is not on your ipad, you will need to install it before being able to share your screen to a display. For example, at the beginning of the first class, students at each table can go to the IP address for the mersive pod at their table and download the app (the address is displayed as long as the TV is turned on). The same app version is downloaded no matter which mersive pod is used, so it can even be downloaded while in the Skills lab or the debriefing rooms.

Installing Mersive Solstice Client App.pdf
Simplied - Connect to a Solstice Display using Mersive Solstice App.pdf