Physician Assistant

Classroom - 352

Presenting using the Room PC

Presenting using a Laptop with HDMI

Presenting using a Laptop Wirelessly

These spaces are primarily designed for projection by Apple computers and ipads via the Mersive Solstice app on the R-MC wifi network, but Windows laptops and Android smartphones/tablets may also connect to the projectors using the Solstice app which can be downloaded via the link provided above or by going to the website shown on either of the displays and clicking/tapping on the button to install the app.

Additional Documentation

Recording Presentation with Zoom using the Room PC

Presenting from Laptop but Recording using Zoom on Room PC

Record Session via Zoom within Canvas.pdf
Connect to a Solstice Display using Mersive Solstice App.pdf
Mersive Solstice Pod Troubleshooting Guide for PA.pdf
Connect to a Solstice Display using Ethernet.pdf