Arts Classrooms

Operating Instructions

  1. Press the "Start" button on the touch screen mounted next to the whiteboard to turn on the projector and wait for it to warm up, approximately 2 minutes.

  2. Sign into the PC or laptop.

    • To project the main PC, including the DVD player, touch "main PC" on the panel.

    • To project a laptop, connect it to the HDMI or VGA cable near the lectern, then touch the HDMI or VGA button on the control system for projection.

  3. Use the "Pic Mute" button to temporarily blank the projected screen. Touch it again when ready to display the screen again.

  4. Use the volume knob on one of the Bose speakers next to the PC monitor to control audio.

  5. Upon finishing, user must turn off the projector by touching "System Power".

  6. The projector may not be turned on again until the "Please stand by" box disappears.

  7. If using the main PC, please sign out but leave turned on.