Music Classroom

Features and Usage

  • This room has a manual AV set-up.

  • The screen is in a fixed down position. The wall switch is not used to raise and lower this screen.

  • The projector is connected directly to the iMac and audio/video cart components.

  • A remote is used to turn on the projector.

  • There is a wired mouse and keyboard to operate the iMac.

  • After signing into the iMac, contents should display automatically. If not, select the HDMI1 button on the remote.

  • The iMac is set to use the Bose room speakers with sound source set to "external headphones".

  • If the sound is not coming out of the speakers, make sure the amplifier located in the cabinet is powered on. Please do NOT turn it off.

    • NOTE: the buttons for “Speakers A and B” on the amp need to be on for sound to come through the speakers.

  • DVDs may be played from the external drive located on top of the cart that is connected to the iMac, or by changing sources to the DVD player in the cart cabinet.

  • There are several audio sources managed by the AV receiver in the cabinet: CD player, electronic keyboard, and stereo cassette player.

  • Sign out of the iMac and use the remote to turn off the projector.

  • Please leave the iMac turned on.