Multipurpose Lab

Features and Usage

This multipurpose lab has a projector that is hard wired via HDMI to one of the room's desktops or a laptop.

  1. Use the switch to the left of the projector screen to lower and raise it.

  2. Use the remote to turn on the projector.

  3. Sign into one of the PCs or a laptop and connect to the provided HDMI cable.

  4. The projector should display automatically.

    • If contents are not showing, make sure HDMI1 is selected.

    • If still not showing, press the Windows + 'P' keys and then choose 'duplicate' or start screen sharing on an Apple device.

  5. Adjust sound using the projector remote.

  6. If using a PC, please sign out when finished but leave turned on.

  7. Use the remote to turn off the projector.

  8. Use the wall switch to raise the projector screen back to its resting place.