Copley 201

To Start/Power on the System

  1. Firmly tap the touch screen control panel to wake it up.

  2. Press the large button labeled Start.

  3. Check and make sure the PC is turned on.

  4. Sign in using your R-MC username and password.

  5. The system is set to auto-detect whether the source is the classroom computer or a laptop but directions are provided below should the system get out of sync.

To Manually Project PC

  1. Select the source Main PC on the Touch Screen.

  2. Wait for the projector to warm up.

To Manually Project Laptop

  1. Connect the HDMI cable located on the podium to your laptop.

  2. Select Laptop or Aux on the touch screen.

  3. On the next screen, press HDMI.

  4. Wait for the projector to warm up.

To Shut down the System

  1. Log off the computer.

  2. Select Exit System on the touch screen.

  3. Select System Off to confirm.

  4. Do not touch any switches or buttons inside the cabinet.


  • If the computer or video image shows on the computer monitor but does not show on the projector, make sure that the Blank button on the touch screen projector controls is not highlighted (in red). Press this button to de-select if needed.

  • Also make sure using the Windows + P keys that the computer screen is set to Duplicate.

Audio Tips

  • Always use the volume controls on the touch screen.

  • Do not adjust any knobs inside the cabinet.

  • If there is no sound, make sure the mute icon is not selected on the touch panel or computer.