Brock Hall Teaching Labs

Operating Instructions

With the exception of room 158 which has been simplified to auto-detect the source being used, the teaching labs have a manual AV setup where remotes are used to control video source and sound.

  1. Use the wall switch, typically found near the projector screen, to lower it.

  2. Use the remote to turn on the projector. Once warmed up, it should automatically display the connected computer's screen contents using the default HDMI 1 input.

  3. Press the enter key on the instructor PC's keyboard and sign in using your R-MC username and password, or sign into your laptop and then connect it to the HDMI cable if present.

  4. Sign out of the instructor PC when finished but do not shut down.

    • In room 158, the projector will stop displaying and does not need to be shut off.

    • In rooms 154, 156, 256, and 260, please use the remote to turn off the projector.

  5. Use the wall switch to raise the projector screen.

Projector Usage Tips

  • Please leave all cabling as is on the desktop.

  • An HDMI cable is provided for laptop use except in Room 154.

  • To hide computer content from the projector

Windows: Hold the Windows key and press the letter ‘P’. Select either “PC Only” or “Second Screen Only”.

Laptop: Disconnect the laptop cable.

  • To return computer content to projector

Windows: Hold the Windows key and press the letter ‘P’. Select “Duplicate”.

Laptop: Reconnect the laptop cable.

  • If you use Windows + 'P' key or any other way to change projection, please return to "duplicate" when finished.